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Professional Teeth Whitening in NH

Over time, our teeth lose their whiteness and brightness. Professional teeth whitening can help. With our safe, effective, and painless teeth whitening services, you’ll feel good about your smile again—in as little as 15 minutes!

ZOOM® Teeth Whitening Technology

Dr. Evelyn Bryan uses ZOOM® Whitening to help patients achieve a tooth shade up to 8 times lighter in just one visit. Unlike at-home whitening systems, our in-office treatments use LED light-activated technology with variable intensity settings. This means your treatment is customized to your specific needs.

  • Safe
  • Painless
  • Clinically Proven
  • Customized

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In-Office Dental Whitening Treatments

Unhappy with the color of your teeth? You’re not alone! Our teeth naturally darken as we get older. This effect can be compounded by tobacco use, and certain foods and drinks—including berries, sauces, soda, coffee, tea, and wine. And some of us—due to genetics—have a darker, duller tooth enamel to begin with.

Whatever the reason for your tooth discoloration, we can help!

Dental Office Teeth Whitening in Greater Manchester

Dr. Bryan has provided teeth whitening services to hundreds of patients throughout the Greater Manchester area. We proudly serve the towns of Manchester, Londonderry, Derry, Litchfield, Hooksett, and more. Contact us to learn more about our ZOOM® Teeth Whitening treatments.

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